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Ride the wind and waves sail successfully landed in India stock market - Otto
Time:2016-04-05 Click:

    Otto stake in India's Ahmedabad Baosteel project successfully passed the acceptance, marking the Otto shares in towards the internationalization stepped out of the solid step.

      With outstanding technical advantages, in many domestic and foreign competitors stand out, the successful bid India Baosteel project. Success after winning the bid, the company sent the professional engineer team, visit the site installation and commissioning, and the Indian staff product knowledge training, company team strict, serious, meticulous work attitude and solid by Indian expert fully recognized and highly affirmed.

     Perfect and acceptance of India project of Baosteel further deepened the relevant market in India on the company's understanding, enhance the reputation of the company in India stamping automation field, have important influence to realize the global sales network layout of the company.


      Otto shares in the process of internationalization will "ride the wind and waves sail! 

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