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ZOTYE AUTO X5 cameoff the assembly boostered by Automatic stamping line of aotto
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On September 28th, 2015, Jiangsu Jintan intelligent manufacturing base of Zotye auto  was officially completed and put into operation, and also the first  high-quality SUV X5 fully offlined, which was witnessed by Jiangsu provincial government, Changzhou Municipal Committee, Zhong Tai Group Chairman, dozens of , financial institutions, supplier representative and construction units who attended  the completion and offline ceremony.  


The iintelligence level and advancement of technology in the base won the praise  from guests! Our company is in charge of the design and  manufacture,  field installation and adjustment of the lstamping automatic production line  and the  2000t blanking press automation. To ensure that the X5 smooth off the assembly, all our staff worked overtime, collected wisdom ,which won the praise and rewarded with  10 thousand RMB by ZOTYE AUTO GROUP.


The completion of the base and the  offline of X5 vehicle made a noise in  the auto market in 2015. With the high quality of  intelligent manufacturing plant and the production capacity, we have even more reason to believe the X5 will be promising in the SUV market. As Aotto, we awere honored to provide high quality automation solutions and services for ZOTYE AUTO, which  laid  a solid foundation for us to step into a even more intelligent manufacturing factory!


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