Sure Fire Ways to Catch the Attention of the Traffic Police

You probably think I’ve gone bonkers, After all who with their right mind wants to get pulled over through the traffic police? It actually is incredibly easy to get pulled over so bear with me, once you know how to attract their attention it stands to reason when you don’t want to attract their attention you just don’t do these matters – now are you getting it?

State Trooper

If you don’t want to get pulled over avoid doing them no matter what, right, here are the best tips to get pulled over with the traffic police, so!

1. Driving too quickly – yep, speeding! The faster you drive the more time it takes to prevent, reaction times increase, braking distances increase – speeding is dangerous. You’re requesting trouble in the event you fancy yourself as something of a street racer. For safety’s sake you need to adhere to the speed limit no matter how late you are, how important your meeting is or anything else. Adhere to the speed limit, the buffer is only around 5 mph above it so anything more than that and you’ll soon get unwanted company. If your slow driving is causing a hazard about the freeway then you’ll be pulled over for any chat as well as worse, driving too slowly is also a problem on the freeway which may attract the attention of the traffic police -.

2. Using your cell phone while driving! If you’re busy reminding your partner to pick up your dry cleaning, this includes talking and texting on your cellphone, how can you focus on what’s happening in the road? This may not actually be illegal in all states but it is still dangerous in all states.


3. Equipment violations are a sure fire way of catching unwanted attention. Broken tail lights, windows which can be too heavily tinted, expired tags, broken windshields, extra loud modifications to the exhaust system, no front license plate . . . . make sure that your vehicle is in line with the law of the state.

4. Driving in a hazardous manner – which covers quite a number of maneuvers. Here are a few from the traffic cops absolute favorites – illegal u-turns, not stopping at a stop sign, not stopping at the lights, sudden and abrupt lane changes, not yielding when necessary. The majority of these items are caused by drivers doing things inside their cars other than driving – at what speed is it actually safe to tug your shirt over the head? Answer – none! Drivers are committed a violation by shaving, changing clothes, eating, reading a book, playing an instrument, applying make-up or getting up to activities which would be best left to the privacy of the bedroom . . . no, I’m not joking!

5. When you don’t leave ample stopping distance in between your vehicle along with the vehicle in front you’re cruising towards a possible accident, Tailgating and following too closely to the vehicle in front – a little like the problems connected with speeding. In case the driver also happens to be speeding or utilizing a cell phone, traffic police will almost always be on the look-out for people who drive too closely to the motor in front, particularly.


At Nissan dealer Riverside there are loads of fabulous motors to choose from which won’t attract the interest of the traffic police, just so long as you don’t do any of the above! Check it out at Metro Nissan Redlands to see what I’m speaking about. And should you do get stopped remember your manners – it really does help.

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