The Advantages / Disadvantages of Trading in a Used Car

Whenever you decide to alter your vehicle you have to make a very important decision – to trade with your used car or otherwise to trade it in – that is the question.

Many people decide to sell their car privately before choosing a new car, others choose to go down the trade in route – there are advantages and disadvantages to both options.


The main advantages of a Used Car Trade in

If you decide to trade in your used car against another vehicle somewhere like you will find the procedure extremely easy. If you choose the trade in route you only swap your vehicle when you pick up your new one – it couldn’t be easier, it always takes quite a lot of time and effort to sell an automobile privately but.

Dealers will usually make a trade and have a car off your hands even if there is outstanding finance on it – a thing that is difficult to achieve in the private market. If your previous car has outstanding finance on it the dealer can contact the finance company to pay off the total amount – job finished. This makes the job of financing a new motor much easier than having to repay the outstanding finance agreement and getting a new one.


Whenever you opt to trade in your previous car you actually can forget all about it after the deal has been done. If you sell your vehicle privately, even when it is “sold as seen” some purchasers could cause problems for you if mechanical issues arise soon after the sale is completed. It’s all inside a days’ work with them if a vehicle develops a problem after having a trade in you can bet your bottom dollar how the dealership won’t come to you about this.

Trading in your used car will also help to alleviate pressure from an advance payment with the car being used as partial payment against the new car. Whatever collateral money you have within your trade in car can be used against the price of your new vehicle.

The Disadvantages of a Used Car Trade in

All car dealerships are in the business of making a profit and the quicker the dealer can make your traded car into money the higher. If you market it privately, the trade in price available from a car dealership will probably be below you think you can get for the vehicle. This is probably the most significant disadvantage against trading with your car against a new model.


A well maintained car may warrant an effective price in the private second hand market and often will not change the price offered by a car dealership – with that in mind we’ve already established how the previous owner won’t take place responsible for any problems the car develops after it has changed hands. You won’t recoup any additional money you’ve invested in the car should you trade it in, most dealers offer trade in prices depending on mileage and general condition using something like the Kelley Blue Book as a guide.

The dealer may not even would like old car – you can find certainly no guarantees. That’s one other potential problem when selecting a new car from a dealership and deciding whether to trade in your own motor. The majority of car dealerships will either offer you a price to your old motor within a few minutes or tell you that it is not necessarily something they are interested in.

Some fabulous cars are available at so why not check them out and find out if they would be interested in offering a trade for your used motor.

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