Gadgets and Gifts for Car Geeks

Buying gifts for a car geek may be quite a daunting experience for the unenlightened – the partners who undoubtedly spend many hours alone in the house with banging, clattering, revving engines and dodgy smells coming out of the garage. What do you buy a car geek for his birthday once you’ve exhausted the socks and driving gloves?
Here are a few ideas about gadgets and gifts that every car geek would love to receive – even though the appeal may be lost on the rest of the world.
Portable Jump Starter Battery Pack – say what? Surely that can’t be classed as a gift! You’d be surprised, just try it and see the smile on his face when he opens it up on his birthday. You see, not only can you start your car with this piece of ingenious equipment when the battery has gone flat but you can also inflate your tires with the air compressor, and there’s a powerful flashlight on the top to see in the dark. They are great for starting other things like boats and RV’s too. Worrying about flat batteries will be a thing of the past.


Digital tire pressure gauge – never before has a $15 gift given so much delight on opening. Bear it in mind for stocking filler next Christmas if you’ve missed his birthday. Tire pressures should be checked every month for safer handling, better fuel economy and to protect the longevity of the tires – buy him one and watch him smile.
Professional Racing Driver Shoes – on second thoughts it may be too tempting. He’d love them but I’m not sure how safe he would be on the public highways. Scratch that unless you can be sure that he’ll behave on the open road.


Cordless Drill / Impact Driver – every car geeks dream for loosening and cracking even the tightest of lug nuts – just tell him that’s what it’s for and you can’t fail to impress him. You could also tell him about the torque measurements and how many impacts per minute it generates if you really want to sound like you know your stuff.
Glass polishing kit – give a woman cleaning products for her birthday and she’s likely to get the message and give you your marching orders – give a car geek a glass polishing kit and he’ll probably love you forever. They are great for getting even the tiniest, minute scratches out of the windshield to return it to its former glory. I know, it’s a man thing!
Drinks cup holder – some motors are fitted with these as standard so do check out his motor before you waste your money, they don’t cost a lot but you’ll look pretty silly and like you haven’t been paying attention if you buy something which is already fitted in the car. Anyway, in the absence of a cup holder these are terrific and will attach to just about any make or model and stop him from spilling coffee in his beloved car.
Portable back-up camera – not only will he love this but it’ll also help you to reverse park when you borrow his car. Some of these fabulous little gadgets attach magnetically to the tailgate and show the driver exactly what’s happening behind the car – particularly useful for hooking up the trailer on his own without having to call you out to direct him (or you having to heave the trailer into position when he’s missed).


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