Driving and Styling: Clothing Accessories for Car Enthusiasts

If you’re a significant car guy or gal, you know that experiencing the new car experience doesn’t end when you drive off the lot along with your new treasure at Nissan West Covina. Far from it. For the true car enthusiast, the enjoyment of that new car or truck only begins once you leave the lot. Component of that enjoyment can be found in the clothing accessories that go together with the new vehicle. Let’s take that a bit beyond the ubiquitous baseball cap emblazoned along with your vehicle’s brand. Let’s dig a little deeper to find some items that a true car collector or gear head-an aficionado- would be proud to sport while driving their prized new ride.


The Leather Jacket

Maybe your new vehicle is a sports vehicle or 4×4 with a convertible top. If so, you definitely need to invest in an effective leather jacket for those cooler days. Let’s eschew the cheap examples commonly bought at the step and mall things up a lttle bit. A classic military A-2 flight jacket such as the ones worn by WWII Army Air Force pilots is a classic, timeless look that never seems to get out of style. A brief Google search will reveal many examples in all sorts of different price ranges. We’d recommend sticking as close to mil-spec as possible to get a trim, modern-looking fit. The complete best, stitch-for-stitch replicas are produced by Good Wear Leather in Washington state. In the event you anticipate driving top down in cooler weather, a sheepskin-lined jacket is a nice option.

Driving Gloves

Driving gloves go back to the early times of the 20th century when cars were open-topped and often let the elements-like dirt and muddirt and dust-in to the passenger compartment and on to your hands. Ever wonder where the term glove compartment (or box) emanates from? That’s right-it had been a place to stow your driving gloves when you weren’t driving. thin, Today and high-quality driving gloves provide a driver more feedback on the wheel and appear very, very cool. Some aficionados swear by South American peccary leather for their gloves, while others select elk leather. Do your personal research, look around, and enjoy.

Driving Shoes or Moccasins

Going somewhere the sliding scale of decadence in terms of car-associated attire, we come to the driving shoe or moccasin. A driving shoe has a flexible rubber sole plus a rounded heel. This helps you apply pressure to your vehicle’s brake and accelerator pedals. The Hush Puppy Roadster is a nice, not-over-the-top example that gets the job done with no muss or fuss. The humble Roadster is highly recommended, though you can spend much more.

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