’s Pronounced Michelin Energy Save + As Tyre Of The Week

Every week we award one tyre from our catalogue the accolade “Tyre of the Week”.

This tyre is what we believe represents good value for money, as well as high levels of performance.


Safety & Longevity

The Michelin Energy Saver + was designed with increased fuel savings and longevity in mind. To achieve this Michelin have used the new patented Eco ‘N’ Grip technology in this tyre – a unique tread compound to reduce the build up of heat.

A 10% larger tyre footprint, on the Energy Saver +, gives the tyre better contact with the road and excellent grip, when compared with its predecessor – the Michelin Energy Saver.

Fuel Efficient

To increase the fuel efficiency of the tyre, Michelin has developed and added a special under-tread layer which is said to contain polymers with a very low resistance to the effects of rolling. This helps to reduce the amount of force being placed against the car from the road surface, therefore lowering the fuel consumption.

Watch the Michelin Energy Saver + in action:

What The Magazines Say

When the telegraph put Michelin’s tyres to the test as part of Great British Drives series, they drove from Clermont-Ferrand to Stockholm and were very impressed with the tyre, saying, “fuel economy was dramatically increased with Michelin Energy Saver +, with 211 litres saved over the life of the tyres (47,100km), compared with a tyre that only meets the minimum performance level defined in the European tyre labelling regulation.”

Viblagare was impressed with the Energy Saver +. In a road test in 2013, they reviewed the Ford Focus ECOnetic. As a part of their write up, the reviewer took time to describe the tyres by saying, “in addition to being easy rolling, they have the good quality of being unusually quiet.”

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