Let Us Know If 2011 Ford F-Series Can Make It

PHOENIX, Ariz.-Has the meaning of leadership within the heavy-duty/super-duty truck segment changed since the before Ford, Chevrolet/GMC, and Dodge brought out new truck bruisers? Make no mistake: torque, Horsepower, payload and towing are still the primary fields of battle for winning over ranchers, construction workers and contractors. But we can add another event for the heavy-duty Olympics, according to those customers-fuel economy. That’s right. Even with gas and diesel comfortably below $3.00 a gallon in most elements of the U.S., fuel economy has become the new torque when it comes to impressing customers. Ford, actually, named fuel economy as the leading concern when it set out to build a new diesel engine after severing its relationship with diesel-engine supplier Navistar. The results are surprising, and might well entice Dodge and Chevy owners.


The Specs

The best bits of the redesigned Ford Super Duty are under the hood, in the bed, and behind the instrument panel. Cosmetically speaking, the front end has been redone to get the SD in line with the new Ford F-Series design introduced for the 2009 model year. That means a front fascia and grille that looks like Ford purchased a few warehouses of chrome cheap this past year when companies were throwing over ballast to raise money. Bigger headlamps are at the corners. The hood comes with a new inverted power dome sculpted to conceal an all-new, Ford-designed Powerstroke diesel engine.

Inside, the flow-through center console (aka contractor’s desk drawer) has 60 % more space for storing, with 70 possible configurations. A handy 12-volt power point is inside the console, as well as a second power point and AC plug in the rear of the console, making laptops easy to connect without an adapter. The rest of the interior layout is sharpened up, with evolutionary changes, which isn’t bad considering the interior of the outgoing Super Duty model was more than respectable, especially in the best-of-the-line King Ranch edition. Also allows drivers to log accumulated mileage on different trailers, though in the center stack, there’s a new 4.2-inch “LCD Productivity” display that not only shows data like fuel economy and exterior temperature. Checklists for various trailer connections pop up too. The input from customers on how to help it become all user-friendly is in abundance.

Under the hood, the powertrains are all new. The 6.2-liter 16-valve V8 replaces the 5.4-liter. It’s rated 385 hp at 5500 rpm and 405 lb-ft at 4500 rpm of torque. It’s mated to Ford’s new Torqshift six-speed automatic transmission. Even with the bigger displacement, Ford said it were able to improve fuel economy by 15 percent. The optional diesel engine may be the big story at Ford. Divorced from Navistar as the diesel supplier, Ford developed its own new Powerstroke engine. The diesel is rated at 390 hp at 2800 rpm and 735 lb-ft. of torque at 1600 rpm. Ford offers no manual transmission from the SD.

Conventional towing to the flex-fuel spark-ignition SD maxes out at 15,000 pounds of trailer weight. The Powerstroke diesel maxes out at 16,000 for the F-450 4×4 Crew Cab. That’s for hitch-mounted trailers. Make use of a fifth-wheel trailer that connects to the bed above the rear axle and the Powerstroke tops out at 24,400 pounds. Maximum payload rating for the flex-fuel SD is 4600 pounds, and the max for the Powerstroke diesel is 6520.

Especially useful, otherwise downright ingenious (for the category) is the first-ever factory-installed and warrantied fifth-wheel and gooseneck substructure directly attached to the frame. Now, rather than pay a dealer or converter over $1000 to literally tear up the bed and under-structure of a whole new truck to set up cross-bracing and the goose neck receiver, Ford has made it a clean $400 factory-installed option that only requires prying up a bed plug gain access to. This really is a pretty big “”gee-whiz”” item for fifth-wheel towers, although we’d still like Dodge’s bed-storage system in every truck. And let’s not forget the availability of Ford’s SYNC Ford and system Work Solutions. Using these systems, the motorist can wirelessly tie in to a work office computer throughout the dashboard display.

Ford carries a dizzying quantity of packages and versions, and way too many combinations to list here. The styling packages, though, carry over in the outgoing SD: Lariat, XLT, King and XL Ranch. Dual rear-wheel versions are, obviously, available. Prices will be very much like today’s trucks. The XL starting price today is $25,875, whilst the King Ranch version will probably be north of $60K.

The Drive

With all the attention on work-related performance, it’s easy to neglect the ride. But as the ride quality of light-duty pickups has dramatically improved during the last five years, the pressure has been high to bring even big boys in line. The new frame, leaf springs and shocks have been optimized to improve overall suspension compliance, compared with the outgoing model. Indeed, the comfort and steering responsiveness are the things that jump out whether you’re driving on the highway or pulling a 23,000-pound trailer up a 6-degree grade. We noticed it right away. But because we’re not driving these trucks fairly often, we asked some hardcore truck, towing and off-road journalists about the test-drive trip what they noticed first regarding the new SD. They seconded our impressions.

Ford truck vehicle-dynamics supervisor Dan Gompper says the goal of the group was to decrease suspension harshness without sacrificing payload or trailering or getting from “the DNA of Super Duty. Gompper says certainly one of his supervisors asked him how he felt about a car-like ride for a pickup truck as he started focusing on the 2009 F-Series about six in the past. “I told him ‘that sounds like a minivan, not a truck I’d want to drive,’ and thus it’s right that nobody should mistake this ride for a car.

The 4×2 F-250 and F-350 have modified steering system geometry to take better advantage of the twin I-beam suspension unique to Ford. The purpose of the design and style is to combine the performance of an independent suspension with all the durability of a solid-axle suspension. Everything adds up to a lot greater sensation of confidence and control behind the wheel. Whether driving on the streets with 1000 pounds of cement within the bed of the Ford 350 Lariat or behind the wheel of a Ford 550 Powerstroke hooked up to a 26,000-pound load, the steering felt as responsive and smooth as a Taurus.

The feeling of control within the ride and steering bloomed in a 3-mile descent at about 6- and 7- degree grades. The Super Duty also has Hill Descent control. It allows a driver setting a maximum speed and therefore the computer automatically works the throttle and brake to make hauling a load down a steep grade less stressful. Rolling downhill by using a 10,000-pound trailer and letting the system do its work felt much like the automotive same in principle as a trust fall. But the system did lead us through an unwavering downhill plunge.

Heavy-duty trucks like the Super Duty aren’t required to post official EPA fuel-economy numbers, leaving buyers a little clueless about how much fuel these rigs drink. Even though fuel costs have stabilized, Ford says fuel efficiency is an important selling point. Furthermore, the corporation claims that its internal tests achieved between 23.5 and 26 mpg with the diesel. We’ll have to do our own testing to confirm those numbers, but using the onboard computer by using a truck packed with 1000 pounds, we averaged an impressive 24.5 mpg. The diesel Super Duty may well be a class leader if that number holds up.

The Bottom Line

Having kept from Chapter 11, the Ford brand has huge momentum right now, along with the new Super Duty ought to keep it going. Truck buyers are notoriously brand-loyal. They also like winners and affordable of ownership. The Super Duty checks all the boxes, and with features like the optional fifth-wheel Ford and hitch Works, it even has some items that might lure new buyers. Search for an upcoming PM comparison test of all the new diesel pickups.

Look Closer With The F85 BMW X5M

The upcoming F85 BMW X5 M was spotted once again. Out in the open for the last testing runs, the M-version of the new F15 BMW X5, will come to promote later this coming year as M division’s only xDrive model. Until the new X6 M joins its brother in 2015.


Similar to the previous generation, the F85 X5 M will focus on the Mercedes ML63 AMG along with the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S.

In addition to some pictures showing the entire vehicle, we also see in detail the larger front brake system, as well as the interior design. Inside the cabin, the M steering wheel and shift paddles shines, and M gear selector.

F85 BMW X5M Close Up Pictures

Despite the camouflage, clearly visible are the large air intakes at the front and the four tailpipes at the rear. Unfortunately, still well hidden is the M-specific Air Breathers behind the front side wheels.

The second generation from the high-powered X5 M will in all probability driven by an adapted version of the S63Tü V8 twin-turbo engine from the BMW M5 F10. In addition to the standard 560 hp engine, BMW is likely offer a Competition Package which delivers 575 horsepower.

Sure Fire Ways to Catch the Attention of the Traffic Police

You probably think I’ve gone bonkers, After all who with their right mind wants to get pulled over through the traffic police? It actually is incredibly easy to get pulled over so bear with me, once you know how to attract their attention it stands to reason when you don’t want to attract their attention you just don’t do these matters – now are you getting it?

State Trooper

If you don’t want to get pulled over avoid doing them no matter what, right, here are the best tips to get pulled over with the traffic police, so!

1. Driving too quickly – yep, speeding! The faster you drive the more time it takes to prevent, reaction times increase, braking distances increase – speeding is dangerous. You’re requesting trouble in the event you fancy yourself as something of a street racer. For safety’s sake you need to adhere to the speed limit no matter how late you are, how important your meeting is or anything else. Adhere to the speed limit, the buffer is only around 5 mph above it so anything more than that and you’ll soon get unwanted company. If your slow driving is causing a hazard about the freeway then you’ll be pulled over for any chat as well as worse, driving too slowly is also a problem on the freeway which may attract the attention of the traffic police -.

2. Using your cell phone while driving! If you’re busy reminding your partner to pick up your dry cleaning, this includes talking and texting on your cellphone, how can you focus on what’s happening in the road? This may not actually be illegal in all states but it is still dangerous in all states.


3. Equipment violations are a sure fire way of catching unwanted attention. Broken tail lights, windows which can be too heavily tinted, expired tags, broken windshields, extra loud modifications to the exhaust system, no front license plate . . . . make sure that your vehicle is in line with the law of the state.

4. Driving in a hazardous manner – which covers quite a number of maneuvers. Here are a few from the traffic cops absolute favorites – illegal u-turns, not stopping at a stop sign, not stopping at the lights, sudden and abrupt lane changes, not yielding when necessary. The majority of these items are caused by drivers doing things inside their cars other than driving – at what speed is it actually safe to tug your shirt over the head? Answer – none! Drivers are committed a violation by shaving, changing clothes, eating, reading a book, playing an instrument, applying make-up or getting up to activities which would be best left to the privacy of the bedroom . . . no, I’m not joking!

5. When you don’t leave ample stopping distance in between your vehicle along with the vehicle in front you’re cruising towards a possible accident, Tailgating and following too closely to the vehicle in front – a little like the problems connected with speeding. In case the driver also happens to be speeding or utilizing a cell phone, traffic police will almost always be on the look-out for people who drive too closely to the motor in front, particularly.


At Nissan dealer Riverside there are loads of fabulous motors to choose from which won’t attract the interest of the traffic police, just so long as you don’t do any of the above! Check it out at Metro Nissan Redlands to see what I’m speaking about. And should you do get stopped remember your manners – it really does help.

What You Do Not Know With Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4


Presented with the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, the Gallardo LP 560-4 is a significant refresh of your Gallardo, powered by a new 5.2 L (320 cu in) V10 engine that produces 560 PS (412 kW; 552 hp) at 8,000 rpm and 540 N·m (398 lb·ft) at 6,500 rpm of torque. Featuring “Iniezione Diretta Stratificata” direct fuel injection system to improve efficiency; fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are already reduced by 18% despite the rise in performance. In addition, it has a new design inspired by the Murciélago LP Reventon and 640.

The Advantages / Disadvantages of Trading in a Used Car

Whenever you decide to alter your vehicle you have to make a very important decision – to trade with your used car or otherwise to trade it in – that is the question.

Many people decide to sell their car privately before choosing a new car, others choose to go down the trade in route – there are advantages and disadvantages to both options.


The main advantages of a Used Car Trade in

If you decide to trade in your used car against another vehicle somewhere like www.ocauto.com you will find the procedure extremely easy. If you choose the trade in route you only swap your vehicle when you pick up your new one – it couldn’t be easier, it always takes quite a lot of time and effort to sell an automobile privately but.

Dealers will usually make a trade and have a car off your hands even if there is outstanding finance on it – a thing that is difficult to achieve in the private market. If your previous car has outstanding finance on it the dealer can contact the finance company to pay off the total amount – job finished. This makes the job of financing a new motor much easier than having to repay the outstanding finance agreement and getting a new one.


Whenever you opt to trade in your previous car you actually can forget all about it after the deal has been done. If you sell your vehicle privately, even when it is “sold as seen” some purchasers could cause problems for you if mechanical issues arise soon after the sale is completed. It’s all inside a days’ work with them if a vehicle develops a problem after having a trade in you can bet your bottom dollar how the dealership won’t come to you about this.

Trading in your used car will also help to alleviate pressure from an advance payment with the car being used as partial payment against the new car. Whatever collateral money you have within your trade in car can be used against the price of your new vehicle.

The Disadvantages of a Used Car Trade in

All car dealerships are in the business of making a profit and the quicker the dealer can make your traded car into money the higher. If you market it privately, the trade in price available from a car dealership will probably be below you think you can get for the vehicle. This is probably the most significant disadvantage against trading with your car against a new model.


A well maintained car may warrant an effective price in the private second hand market and often will not change the price offered by a car dealership – with that in mind we’ve already established how the previous owner won’t take place responsible for any problems the car develops after it has changed hands. You won’t recoup any additional money you’ve invested in the car should you trade it in, most dealers offer trade in prices depending on mileage and general condition using something like the Kelley Blue Book as a guide.

The dealer may not even would like old car – you can find certainly no guarantees. That’s one other potential problem when selecting a new car from a dealership and deciding whether to trade in your own motor. The majority of car dealerships will either offer you a price to your old motor within a few minutes or tell you that it is not necessarily something they are interested in.

Some fabulous cars are available at http://www.ocauto.com so why not check them out and find out if they would be interested in offering a trade for your used motor.

2013 Cadillac ATS 2.0T 6MT Premium Collection Is More Than Enough

As our regular readers may know, I own a 2008 Cadillac CTS. In August 2008, I fell for that car’s charms, and features been a nice ownership experience, though not without some annoyances. Seeing that my car is five years old, I feel like I’m ready to start something else. I very much looked forward to spending some seat time in the ATS with all the 2. liter turbo and six speed manual transmission as a possible candidate for that coveted left-hand parking spot in the Haak garage. However for reasons of practicality and cost, as well as in-car technology, I’m just not able to start another few years of car payments for a car that’s arguably better than mine in almost every way, apart from two big demerits.


2013 Cadillac ATS 2.0T 6MT Premium CollectionFirst, the good stuff. The ATS is a good size (no less than in terms of being a driver’s car – back seat passengers and those who plan to use its trunk may disagree) and has an amazing chassis. The car wants to play and is also incredibly tossable, especially when equipped with FE3 performance suspension as our test car was. Cadillac engineers who created the ATS’ new Alpha platform outdid themselves by using a structure that may be rigid but incredibly lightweight; while the previous-generation (2008-2013) CTS is a heavyweight and you can feel its bulk in the majority of dynamic maneuvers, the ATS excels dynamically specifically since it does not carry anywhere near that quantity of bulk.

As a fan of manual transmissions, I’m grateful to Cadillac for equipping the ATS with one, regardless of whether it’s only accessible with a single engine (the two. liter turbocharged four cylinder) and single drivetrain (rear wheel drive only), and it’s really not a bad gearbox at all. (Sorry if that’s damning with faint praise). The ATS’ manual gearbox at launch annoyed many people and was basically re-engineered to improve satisfaction, along with the results are now solid. It doesn’t have the identical shift action of some of the best gearboxes (the BMW 1 Series M that I drove a year ago comes up) but carries a fairly short throw plus an easy-to-modulate clutch. I didn’t miss a single shift in the ATS during my week with the car, which I can’t necessarily say about the last manual transmission-equipped GM vehicle I tested (ahem, Camaro ZL1).

2013 Cadillac ATS 2.0T 6MT Premium CollectionAccording on the seat of my pants, the ATS with FE3 excels with regards to both steering and braking, and it holds its own in terms of acceleration. It’s just too bad the manual transmission is not available with the 3.6 liter V6, which would immediately become the enthusiast’s choice. The FE3 suspension within the ATS includes GM’s outstanding magnetorheological shocks that combine excellent body control and damping using a fairly compliant ride. The ATS with FE3 has basically the perfect ride/handling mix, thanks to the suspension and the car’s light weight.

Even though the XTS, which preceded the ATS by only a few months, has what I called possibly the best interior that has ever been in any Cadillac, the ATS has a few places where the interior was obviously engineered to a price point. The vinyl that may be cut and sewn and which covers the top dash and upper door panels feels less leather-like than the material used in the XTS; it’s very obviously not leather (though at least more realistic compared to pebble-textured vinyl used in the 2008-2013 CTS). There’s also some hard plastic on the sides of the center console and also in the lower door panels. Overall, the interior design and materials are very good, though.

The CUE infotainment system is still a bit of an enigma, though 2013 Cadillac ATS 2.0T 6MT Premium CollectionI really liked the interior’s color scheme. It’s easy to figure out and appears great, although the system just does not have sufficient processing power in order to quickly execute commands. I found myself on several occasion touching the screen, getting no feedback (haptic or otherwise), touching the screen again, just to learn that we effectively executed the command twice when the system trapped with me.

Because the system uses a capacitive touchscreen (similar to what is utilized on an iPad or smartphone, unlike the resistive touchscreen used in most other cars with touchscreens), Cadillac adds haptic feedback for the system to let you know the system has brought a command from you. This comes by means of a small vibration behind the screen, which is intended to evoke the sensation of pushing a button.

2013 Cadillac ATS 2.0T 6MT Premium CollectionThe interface is tablet-like, with large icons similar to an iPad’s, and as an alternative to pressing a plus or minus to zoom in or out on the map view, it is possible to pinch to unzoom and unpinch to zoom. The system’s reaction is nowhere near as smooth as in using the Google Maps app on an iPhone, for example. You’ll pinch and not see anything on the screen for a second or so, then as you try again, the system decides to listen to your earlier command.

Do you remember how people beat up on BMW’s iDrive when it was first introduced, and now it’s practically the benchmark among luxury-brand infotainment systems? BMW took that criticism to heart, so I’m hoping that Cadillac does the same, because you can bet that CUE is not going away (it is now in the ATS, XTS and SRX and going into the CTS and ELR. All that’s left is the Escalade, and I’m sure that the following-generation Escalade may have CUE in certain months). I really think that fundamentally it’s OK (aside from not needing volume and tuning knobs) and that by incorporating bug fixes and more robust processing power, it would be a better system – if you can stand fingerprints on your glossy navigation screen, that may be.

2013 Cadillac ATS 2.0T 6MT Premium CollectionIt’s hard in my opinion to express how well this car drives. The engine – a 272-horsepower 2. liter turbocharged, direct-injected four cylinder – has somewhere between adequate power and strong power. The 2.0T doesn’t feel 50 horsepower weaker, even though the 3.6 liter 321-horsepower V6 is clearly stronger. It is possible to thank its flat torque curve for almost all of that feel. Neither the 2.0T or even the 3.6 liter would be the smoothest, most refined engines in the world, particularly at speed, but they are both quite sedate at idle. The EPA rates the ATS 2.0T 6MT’s fuel economy at 19 MPG city/30 MPG highway/23 MPG combined. The 328i having a 2.6 and 0T speed manual is rated at 22/34/26. Alternatively, about 3 MPG better. On paper, the 3er gives up a lot of power to the ATS (240 against 272 horsepower) but in fact, the 3er is a bit faster. Under-rating your engines, BMW? Anyway, in one week of mixed driving, I saw about 24 MPG.

2013 Cadillac ATS 2.0T 6MT Premium CollectionAs you navigate along back roads, the ATS’s nearly-perfect weight distribution, strong brakes (the fronts are Brembos), and accurate, well-weighted steering make the ATS a joy to operate a vehicle. Aside from wanting perhaps more power (and therefore power is offered already from your optional 3.6 liter V6, and I’m fairly certain that someday there will be an ATS-V to compete with the newest BMW M3, likely by using a version in the CTS Vsport’s twin-turbo 3.6 liter V6, producing in excess of the 420 horsepower in the CTS Vsport. If it appears, will be an incredible car, the ATS-V.

I’d call Cadillac’s pricing strategy with the ATS bold, not aggressive. It had the Premium Collection, started at $44.895, although this particular car, which was rear wheel drive only. Add the $995 Thunder Gray Chromaflair paint, $850 18? polished aluminum wheels, $600 cold weather package (heated front seats and steering wheel), eliminate $1,495 for your manual transmission, and add $895 for destination, and you get to a car that costs $47,155. For any great-driving, cramped, four cylinder Cadillac, that seems a little steep. However, according to TrueDelta.com, the 328i costs $7,080 more than the ATS when accounting for equipment differences. The price distinction between this ATS and an A4 with quattro AWD as well as an automatic is closer, with the ATS just $2,715 less. Of course, with top-spec CTS Vsports available with $70,000 Monroneys on the windows, some 20 grand less could be about suitable for the ATS.

Can I recommend the ATS? Absolutely. It’s a great driver’s car, returns decent mileage, and it’s fairly priced against a 328i. The BMW has more interior and trunk space, carries a better infotainment system, and it’s faster and more fuel efficient. However the ATS is much more refined, handles better, and appearance better. It’s the best entry level Cadillac how the company has ever built, though the ATS isn’t perfect. Unfortunately, its lack of interior utility, small trunk, and frustrating infotainment system most likely will keep it off my consideration list for the following new car I buy.

Driving and Styling: Clothing Accessories for Car Enthusiasts

If you’re a significant car guy or gal, you know that experiencing the new car experience doesn’t end when you drive off the lot along with your new treasure at Nissan West Covina. Far from it. For the true car enthusiast, the enjoyment of that new car or truck only begins once you leave the lot. Component of that enjoyment can be found in the clothing accessories that go together with the new vehicle. Let’s take that a bit beyond the ubiquitous baseball cap emblazoned along with your vehicle’s brand. Let’s dig a little deeper to find some items that a true car collector or gear head-an aficionado- would be proud to sport while driving their prized new ride.


The Leather Jacket

Maybe your new vehicle is a sports vehicle or 4×4 with a convertible top. If so, you definitely need to invest in an effective leather jacket for those cooler days. Let’s eschew the cheap examples commonly bought at the step and mall things up a lttle bit. A classic military A-2 flight jacket such as the ones worn by WWII Army Air Force pilots is a classic, timeless look that never seems to get out of style. A brief Google search will reveal many examples in all sorts of different price ranges. We’d recommend sticking as close to mil-spec as possible to get a trim, modern-looking fit. The complete best, stitch-for-stitch replicas are produced by Good Wear Leather in Washington state. In the event you anticipate driving top down in cooler weather, a sheepskin-lined jacket is a nice option.

Driving Gloves

Driving gloves go back to the early times of the 20th century when cars were open-topped and often let the elements-like dirt and muddirt and dust-in to the passenger compartment and on to your hands. Ever wonder where the term glove compartment (or box) emanates from? That’s right-it had been a place to stow your driving gloves when you weren’t driving. thin, Today and high-quality driving gloves provide a driver more feedback on the wheel and appear very, very cool. Some aficionados swear by South American peccary leather for their gloves, while others select elk leather. Do your personal research, look around, and enjoy.

Driving Shoes or Moccasins

Going somewhere the sliding scale of decadence in terms of car-associated attire, we come to the driving shoe or moccasin. A driving shoe has a flexible rubber sole plus a rounded heel. This helps you apply pressure to your vehicle’s brake and accelerator pedals. The Hush Puppy Roadster is a nice, not-over-the-top example that gets the job done with no muss or fuss. The humble Roadster is highly recommended, though you can spend much more.

When the time comes to find that new car or truck, check out Downtown Nissan. They generally have a great selection of cars and trucks, all offered at very attractive prices.


Car Donations And Its Many Form


Wondering what happens to dear old Betsy? Judging from our telephone calls, many people do want to know where their old car goes, so we thought we’d share what happens here when a car donation arrives. Whether it’s a relatively new car or possibly a very old family friend, it gets star treatment at Cars 4 Causes®.

Cars for each kind are donatedWhen you donate, you determine what charity benefits from your automobile donation, so we make sure we make the most of the donation for both your and you charity. (See our list of over 13,400 charities.) Some cars not designated having a charity enter our Give-Away Program that directly benefits needy individuals.

Choosing the Best Route for Your Car Donation

We certainly have our own sales locations where we assess the car to figure out its route.

When it is cost-effective, we make major or minor mechanical repairs, after which we detail the cars and advertise them on the market. The trucks, cars, vans and other vehicles are sold, and they move on to their new owners.

Some cars go to auction, as this is the most effective route for them, for the best return.

We recycle them through salvage and scrap channels if the cars are not road-worthy. The scrap is recycled, turning up next inside a surprisingly wide range of products – your new bicycles, your new appliances, new cars.

Your Tax Deduction

In the completion of some of these sales processes, you receive a tax deduction receipt to the donation. Because of these evaluation and sales processes, Cars 4 Causes® The Charity That Gives To Charities® receives the highest average return for you in the marketplace and! You benefit from this success within your tax write-off, and your charity benefits by using a corresponding donation.

So, whether it’s old Betsy or that slightly used car within the garage, your donation is honored and appreciated all down the donation route. Thank you for your generosity.

An Offer You Can’t Refuse

FairviewFord 3-1

Car shopping is a huge investment of your time and money. Once you’ve decided that you want to buy a new Ford, you have to pick from a variety of vehicles. Fords run the gamut, from sports cars to sedans. Luckily, the friendly, knowledgeable salespeople at Redlands Ford and other dealerships are available to help you find the car that’s right for you.

And you can always visit a car lot’s website to see what they have available at any given time. Once you have checked out a website, like fairviewfordinredlands.com, and found a car that you might be interested in test driving, you can then visit the lot and talk to a salesperson with a clear idea of what you’re looking for. The friendly staff will be able to talk to you about all of the specifications of a car, answer any questions you have and ease your mind about making such a big purchase. They will even be able to talk to you about how to best pay for your new car.

Once you find the perfect Ford you’ve been looking for and figure out how to best pay for it, buying a new car will be an offer that you can’t refuse! Whether you’re in the market for an SUV, a sports car, a minivan or a sedan, Ford will have something that will work for you. At Redlands Ford in Riverside, you can even find a gently used vehicle if that’s what you’re searching for.

Driving off the lot in car fresh from the factory, with just a few miles on the odometer and that sought after new car smell is an offer that most people can’t refuse! Especially when you have a friendly salesperson to help you find just what you’re looking for!

Blackcircles.com’s Pronounced Michelin Energy Save + As Tyre Of The Week

Every week we award one tyre from our catalogue the accolade “Tyre of the Week”.

This tyre is what we believe represents good value for money, as well as high levels of performance.


Safety & Longevity

The Michelin Energy Saver + was designed with increased fuel savings and longevity in mind. To achieve this Michelin have used the new patented Eco ‘N’ Grip technology in this tyre – a unique tread compound to reduce the build up of heat.

A 10% larger tyre footprint, on the Energy Saver +, gives the tyre better contact with the road and excellent grip, when compared with its predecessor – the Michelin Energy Saver.

Fuel Efficient

To increase the fuel efficiency of the tyre, Michelin has developed and added a special under-tread layer which is said to contain polymers with a very low resistance to the effects of rolling. This helps to reduce the amount of force being placed against the car from the road surface, therefore lowering the fuel consumption.

Watch the Michelin Energy Saver + in action:

What The Magazines Say

When the telegraph put Michelin’s tyres to the test as part of Great British Drives series, they drove from Clermont-Ferrand to Stockholm and were very impressed with the tyre, saying, “fuel economy was dramatically increased with Michelin Energy Saver +, with 211 litres saved over the life of the tyres (47,100km), compared with a tyre that only meets the minimum performance level defined in the European tyre labelling regulation.”

Viblagare was impressed with the Energy Saver +. In a road test in 2013, they reviewed the Ford Focus ECOnetic. As a part of their write up, the reviewer took time to describe the tyres by saying, “in addition to being easy rolling, they have the good quality of being unusually quiet.”